Services - Zest Event Management | An expert 360° service to help you develop, manage and deliver your event.



We plan your event in stages, set achievable milestones and make sure all suppliers are aware of deadlines so everything happens in time.

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With your direction and giving you full visibility, we manage every aspect of your event: your event budget, your stakeholders, the events team and the suppliers.

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We provide event management, site management, safety management and a team to deliver the event - you can relax and enjoy!

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We help you develop your event and your audience sustainably and with the means in place to measure growth.

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Feedback & Evaluation

Numbers really are important. We help you collect the hard and fast data as well as the fluffier stuff to share with your stakeholders.

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Training & Mentoring

Want to organise an event by yourself? We package a training course tailored to you and your team with as much hands-on sessions as you like.

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