Bootle Festival of Ideas
Bootle Festival of Ideas

Bootle Festival of Ideas

02 Sep 2020
Bootle Festival of Ideas

Bootle Festival of Ideas – stopped in its tracks by the pandemic in March – is back and everyone’s welcome to participate! We’ve been working with a range of expert practitioners on planning the six themed events ‘Foof & Growing’, ‘Making & Selling’, Music & Culture’, Health & Wellbeing’ and ‘Spaces for Change – Walkie Talkies’ as well as a ‘Spaces for Change’ Q & A.

The events, commissioned by Sefton Council – a mixture of online and offline activities – have the objective to inspire people to think about their ideas. Make CIC work alongside the Kindred team to support people to develop their ideas, which are then put forward for a share of a £6k development fund.

Local people get the opportunity to say what they’d like to see in the area, creating citizen-led impetus for change, which will be recorded and displayed in an eye-catching new temporary artwork.

Bootle Festival of Ideas

Food and growing

We’ll be talking about what we eat, how we grow it, where we grow it, food miles and cooking – amongst many other things. Join us next Wednesday and bring your #BigIdeaforBootle to get involved in a new Festival of Ideas.


Music and culture

Join us for a night of song and stories, conversation and culture @_LockandQuay in Bootle. We want to harbour creativity, help create new things and hear your ideas. Join us for a night of music with your #BigIdeaforBootle


Making and selling

Join us to talk making & selling at Bootle’s Festival of Ideas. We’ll talk about selling & how to price it; how you find customers & create communities; & supporting local makers. Sign up & bring your #BigIdeaforBootle 


Health and wellbeing

We’ll be talking about health & wellbeing at Bootle’s Festival of Ideas. Whether it’s a drastic change, or a gentle nudge, we could all use some help. Bring your #BigIdeaforBootle to talk about working together to improve the health of our communities. 


Spaces for change

Join me to walk and talk and see for ourselves the potential for some of Bootle’s spaces for change. If you’ve ever looked at one of Bootle’s unused spaces or empty buildings & thought “I could do something there”, sign up and bring your #BigIdeaforBootle